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Heatless Curl Sash

(23 customer reviews)


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The Heatless Curl Sash will give you beautiful large bouncing curls without the heat damage to your hair.
Made out of soft high quality Terri Towelling, it allows your hair to dry fast and will reduce frizz and breakage.
This new hair accessory curls your hair as you wear it, wrap up your hair  and wear it around the house for a few hours, or wear it to sleep to achieve effortless waves and curls.
Avoid the damage and time of traditional heated curling wands but still get the same long lasting bouncy curls.
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23 reviews for Heatless Curl Sash

  1. Amy (verified owner)

    The Heatless Curl Sash is an absolute game changer for Mums! I used to spend 20/30 min curling my hair before having a baby but now I just don’t have the time between working and looking after him so this has made it so easy! I just wrap it before bed it takes 5 min and in the morning I brush the curls out and I’m done. Having curls again makes me feel like how I used to before having him which on same days makes a big difference . Since buying and using the sash heaps I have cut my hair from super long to under my collarbone and it still works! Affordable and shipping was pretty quick! I highly recommend this product to everyone!

  2. Jamie

    Ever since I’ve been using the heartless curl sash on my hair, I’ve noticed a massive difference in its condition! Ive been using heat on my hair to get a wave for years and this has completely changed the way I style my hair. It’s so quick and easy and the curls last for hours! Love it love it love it

  3. Mandy

    Love it!! For someone who struggles to curl their hair with a heating device this is easy and quick and let’s me Mum in style! Perfect curls!

  4. Holly

    I absolutely love this product!! So easy to get the hang of, waking up and having a lush waves through out without having to use any heat.

    Feeling healthy, fresh, bouncy & ready to flaunt!

    Thank so you so much! Lifesaver!!

  5. Kirstee (verified owner)

    When my Heatless Curl Sash arrived I was really impressed with the gorgeous packaging and the cute matching hair ties. Providing everything I needed to use my sash straight away.

    As a busy mum of two, this product has answered all my curling dreams. I don’t have time to curl my hair with heated products when I’m getting ready because usually I’ve got two little ones at my feet. I also have quite fine hair so find that any time I have curled my hair with a straightener or wand, it drops within an hour or two.

    I love the ease of the heatless curl sash, I can put it in the night before and sleep while my hair curls without any effort or I can put it in at the start of the day and take it it when I’m ready to leave the house. I find my curls last for days, generally until I next wash my hair it’s still wavy and beautiful.
    Absolutely stoked that I’ve found such an amazing product that I love.

  6. Dom

    Absolutly love my Heatless Curl Sash and so does my daughter. So easy to use and I am not a girly girl, but now I’m a curly girl (see what I did there). You wont be disappointed, support small business ✌

  7. Tegan

    I am a mum of twins, time is not on my side (to say the least!) I feel like I’ve become known for my mum bun and honestly, I don’t love that life
    The heatless curl is a product in my budget, basically risk free to try it at that price, and it’s been a game changer!!
    My boys are asleep when I go to bed, I have 10 minutes free before bed to put it in, it doesn’t disturb my sleep at all and when I wake up in the morning I rip it out and actually feel human and like I don’t look awful in the 5 minutes I have to make myself somewhat presentable!
    This product is amazing, it’s cheap, it’s simple, and it’s designed to be the correct length and thickness for what it’s meant for, much shorter and much more comfortable to wear than the diy versions with items found around your house, trust me, spend the money, much more practical!!

  8. Joni

    The heatless curl is such a fantastic product, especially for time poor mums like me! I have tried it in both my long and short hair and love the look of the natural waves it creates. It’s the perfect everyday look that doesn’t look over done. Would definitely recommend to anyone who’s looking for a simpler, easy way to do their hair without the fuss and heat! It’s a game changer in my eyes.

  9. Anna

    I LOVE how simple & fast it is to use for myself and two young daughters. Pretty comfortable to sleep in and the waves it makes are so full and bouncy and round. They really help to add volume to my hair.
    It’s perfect for a night out too!
    I’ve found with practice you can adjust the tightness to produce very tight curls or more loose beachy waves.

    I recommended this product to my friends as it’s well packaged, a perfect gift.

  10. Tiana (verified owner)

    A seriously fantastic solution for those poor people (myself!) that just cannot master curling with any form of heated hair implement! I was a little sceptical, as I am very uncoordinated with my hair, and I thought this would be impossible, but after watching a few videos of how to put in the heatless curl, I was able to replicate and have a successful first try. My second try was even better!
    This is such a quick and easy way to curl hair, plus it was comfy to sleep in too!

    Absolutely would recommend!!

  11. Ashley

    Absolutely love my heatless curls sash! I was using a mermaid wand before which damaged my hair a lot. This gives you the same look with no dead hair

  12. Amy

    Amazing product! Easy to use and gives the most beautiful lush curls with out the damage, such a win!!
    Best heatless curling product I have used!

  13. Sheenae

    Love that heatless curl gives me mermaid waves without heat damage!

  14. Teah

    WOW!!! All I can say is WOW!!
    As a fulltime worker that also owns 2 businesses I find it very hard to make time for ‘me time’ and to do hair and makeup every day but heatless curl makes it SOOOO EASY!
    I wash my hair every 2-3 days and use my heatless curl every other day of the week!
    Everyone comments on how good it looks and how healthy my hair has been! My hair normally struggles to hold curls but heatless curl is keeping my curls bouncy all day long! Definitely worth getting!

  15. Brooke

    Simple, fast and easy way to achieve beautiful curls / waves with the reassurance of knowing I’m not damaging my hair. For someone with brittle blonde hair, I have been prone to breakage from styling electronics. Heatless curls have completely combatted this with such a safe way to achieve the same, if not better results. Thank you thank you!!!

  16. Cheryl

    Cute little beauty to help curl my hair when I go camping ⛺️ especially when I don’t have electricity, so handy!

  17. Sarah

    I am obsessed with my heatless curl. I sleep in it over night and I get at least 3 days if not more with the curls. I love that I don’t have to use heat on my hair to get a great result. Very happy. Have told all my friends

  18. Shylee (verified owner)

    Best addition to my hair routine!!! Curls come out so lovely and so easy to use. Customer service is 10/10 too

  19. Gemma

    The heatless curl is the perfect time saver! I wash my hair in the morning, do a rough blow dry and then braid it into my hair and leave for 30mins to an hour while eating breakfast and getting the kids ready. Once out, I have a perfect beach wave that lasts at least 2 days. My hair feels less damaged since I haven’t been applying as much heat to straighten/curl daily. I love it!!!!!

  20. Chantel (verified owner)

    10/10 recommend to everyone, from a gal who only ever straightened her hair because I have no idea how to curl or doing anything else. Super easy to use, even easier since I taught my hubby to do it on my hair. I just sit back, let him tie it in place and wait until morning for amazing results. 10/10 recommend to everyone!!!!

  21. Chantel (verified owner)

    10/10 recommend to everyone, from a gal who only ever straightened her hair because I have no idea how to curl or doing anything else. Super easy to use, even easier since I taught my hubby to do it on my hair. I just sit back, let him tie it in place and wait until morning for amazing results. 10/10 recommend to everyone!

  22. Tara (verified owner)

    Amazing product! My daughter uses it every night and wakes with perfect waves and the best part – it’s heatless so her hair is never damaged. Highly recommend. We now buy one for all friends birthdays!

  23. Natalie Jana

    What a game changer! I have long, thick hair so gave up on straighteners years ago. So happy I found Heatless Curl as it makes curling my hair SO much easier and quicker! Highly recommend and it’s also better for your hair than straighteners/curling wands etc.

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