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Made for the everyday girl

Designed to help her create a quick and easy heat-free curl
The heatless curl sash is made of velour terry towelling, making it durable yet soft and luxurious.
It’s lightweight, small, comes in a cute bag and doesn’t require electricity.
You can literally take it anywhere with no fuss.

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About Heatless Curl

The heatless curl is Bondi born and bred. The founders, Kylie and Genevieve, two coasty girls with practical needs, wanted to create a product that is designed to be used anytime, anywhere. The product came about when we wanted a heat free solution which was affordable, practical and easy to achieve. There was no product that matched this description. The best bit about the Heatless Curl is just that… its heatless and that means no damage to your hair. 

How to Apply

Part hair to one side

Section hair into two even parts

Place Heatless Curl Sash over the top of your part, making sure it’s even on both sides

Take a small section from the front top part of your hair and wrap over the Heatless Curl Sash

As hair is wrapped around the Heatless Curl Sash, add a small section of hair from behind the sash

Continue by adding hair from both the front and behind the sash as you wrap it

Once all hair is wrapped around the Heatless Curl sash, tie it off with a small elastic hair tie

Repeat previous steps on the other side of your hair

Cross wrapped hair and sash behind your head and then proceed to wrap up and around your forehead

Tie Heatless Curl Sash in a bow and sleep on it for 6-8 hours

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Heatless Curl requires no heat


Heatless Curl requires no equipment


Easy to do